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Joaquin Poggi - Head Of Search at Anadigme

Joaquin Poggi - Head Of Search at Anadigme

This is made by hummans, non automatic, so you can know why your website is not ranking and how to grow your sales.

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The Free SEO Analysis and report normally include:

  • Speed checks: Desktop & Mobile

  • On page SEO optimizations: Checks your website for differents issues impacting performance and search engine optimizations problems.

  • Mobile Friendly website: Checks wheather your website is reponsive.

  • Keywords Rankings: Track Performance of targeted keywords in mayor search engines.

  • Off-page SEO Optimization: This section checks the streght of your domain using metrics such as domain age & expiry, number of pages indexed by google and bing or any others search engine thats is important for your business.

  • Social: Monitor your social activity across mayor platforms and even compare it with the industry average.

  • Competitor SEO Analysis: Analysis of how your website compare with a competitor.

  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) & UX (User experience) :
    Basic research about how to improve conversions: Menu, Categories, Internal Search