Bing Ads

The search volume for Bing approx. 4.5% of what Google has. It does not sound much, but there is no reason to ignore Bing. Every time we use Bing, we get a higher ROI than we get on Google Ads. Due to lower competition on Bing, we often get higher click rates, which means that the volume can be 10-20% of what we get from Google, especially if the target audience is slightly older users.

Good reasons to use Bing Advertising

  1. Lower competition, which means cheaper and larger share clicks

  2. Bing Ads is about the same as Google AdWords, so it's easy to migrate an ad account.

  3. The older guard and users on the work PC are well represented on Bing.

  4. Bing is the standard search engine in new Microsoft Edge and also has partner agreements with eg. Xbox, Windows 10, Siri (on iPhone).

  5. Bing shows ads even on longtail keywords with less than 10 searches a month. It doesn't do AdWords.

Why choose Anadigme as a Bing Ads partner?

  • Certified Bing Partner.

  • Long experience with advertising on Bing.

  • We use Google's Doubleclick automation tool, which can control both Bing Ads and AdWords on the same platform.