Facebook Ads

Regardless of what products and services you sell, advertising on Facebook is a unique opportunity for you as a provider. There are no other ad platforms that have more knowledge and data about their users than Facebook, which offers unmatched opportunities for advertisers.

Good reasons to take advantage of Facebook Ads

  1. Facebook is Norway's third largest medium, only switched by NRK and TV2. Along with Facebook's segmentation capabilities, this is a great ad platform.

  2. There is the possibility of targeting ads to users based on gender, age, geography, device, relationship status, title, employer and much more. You also choose how much you want to spend on each audience.

  3. You choose how much you want to spend, and how much your ads generate for you as an advertiser. Therefore, one can analyze for profitable target groups and increase the budgets against the most profitable segments.

Why Anadigme rather than another Facebook ads agency?

We have helped a number of companies in many different industries with the increased impact of their advertising. We rely so much on our own knowledge and approach, that we offer “no cure no pay” models, where we do not pay for the hours we spend - but on the results we create.

Through a strategic approach in the start-up phase, together with continuous measurement, testing and analysis, our knowledge contributes to the best possible results for your company. As a purely performance marketing agency, we are always up to date on the latest updates and news in the industry, giving us a competitive advantage over other players.