Google Ads

Do you have a business that sells products or services that people search for on Google? If the answer is yes, advertising on Google is probably for you and you may want to use a certified Google partner.

What sets search engine advertising apart from other marketing platforms is that your ads are shown to people who are already looking for what you offer. In this situation, it is easier to get a sale than it is in the media where ads are a disturbance.

Good reasons to take advantage of Google Ads

  1. Everything is measurable. You can see exactly how much money you have spent and how much you have left for it in terms of sales, inquiries or other desired actions.

  2. Full Budget Control - You decide for yourself how much you want to spend on advertising and can adjust your spending at any time.

  3. Meet Customers in the Shopping Stage - When you use Google Ads, you hit ready-to-go customers with relevant ads targeted to exactly what the customer is looking for.

Why Anadigme Beyond Another Google Ads Agency?

There are many agencies offering ads management on Google. Knowing who is best for you and your business is not easy.

Anadigme is also a purely performance marketing agency. That means we only work with data-driven and measurable marketing. Everything we do is tested, analyzed and tested again. If you are going to choose a Google Ads partner, you are best served by choosing an agency that has expertise in this particular field rather than agencies that are good at "everything" in marketing. Good reasons to work with Anadigme:

  • Google Premier Partner and our specialists have all current certifications.

  • A small agency that allows you to get direct contact and close follow-up of the specialist who performs the job.

  • We never bill a percentage of your advertising cost. We only charge for the time we spend, and in some cases we can work on commission of profitable results.

  • Short term and you always get full ownership of everything we make for you. If you wanted to cancel an agreement, you will keep the Google Ads account we created.

  • Our head of search manager, Thomas Prestgaard, has been working with Google Ads since 2011, and in Premier Partner agencies since 2013, where he has worked with Google Ads almost every day.