SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
Services in Oslo, Norway

Get the best quality traffic from search engines like Google. SEO has one of the best ROIs of any digital marketing traffic sources
and the best thing is that, you don't need to pay for clicks.

Technical SEO


What is technical SEO?

Is for having the full website compatible with the search engine spiders or crawlers, avoiding indexing issues, improve speed that is going to improve UX (User Experience). One of the most important areas of technical SEO is meet all search engines guidelines. Not only Google, but also Bing, Yandex (Russia), Baidu (China) or any other. 

Why is technical SEO important?

Regardless of the size of your business, It is always important utilize the full potential of your website.

By fixing all technical issues and improving the most important areas of the website, it is possible to increase the quality and quantity of your traffic quickly. In many cases we have seen organic traffic to websites improve significantly in the first two weeks.

How do we work with technical SEO Services?

When we start working with a new client, our main focus for the first few weeks is in technical SEO.

We use a carefully selected set of tools where we analyze and improve:

  • Page speed, structure markup, accessibility

  • Internal Link Structure, redirects, canonicals...

  • Duplicate Content control, index and noindex areas

  • Hreflang for multi languages and multi country websites

  • Security, CDN, DNS, redirections loops

  • Crawling Analysis, cannibalization, sitemaps, pagination

  • Many others using automatic and manual research.

Whitehat SEO Services

We always use whitehat Techniques, for keeping your business safe. Is too risky to play with your website using blackhat or greyhat techniques that can give you a great boost but only for a short period of time and later just been punish by loosing all traffic.

Content Marketing

What it is content?

Any information (preferably useful or entertaining) for a potential customer is content. It can be blog posts, videos, images, snapchat stories, webinars etc. Even off-line information is considered content.

Why is content marketing important for SEO?

You've probably heard that for SEO "content is king", and it is always going to be this way. People remember brands for their quality content and recommend (link to) websites with good content that is relevant to what they are looking for.

All businesses need a proper content marketing in their digital marketing strategy for growth. Not only in search engine rankings, but for attracting the right people in the right moments in order for them to eventually make purchases and become loyal ambassadors. That's why we say that content is not only king, but content is money!

How do we work with content marketing SEO Services?

We make sure content creators are not only writing or posting anything they find interesting. The content optimize for SEO needs to follow the strategy of our traffic analysis.

Traffic Analysis

What is a traffic analysis?

It is the foundation of your content and digital marketing strategy. There are plenty of available tools to help discover the interests, wants and needs of people in your target audience. 

Why is a traffic analysis important?

Your business needs high quality traffic. To make this happen you need to know how to build the website around what your potential clients need. What are the important keywords they are using, and which topics are they interested in? By knowing this, we can create content optimize for better SEO that is going to be useful.

When you know what your clients are looking for, all you have to do is to meet and fulfill their needs. It is like having the perfect GPS for finding your customers and making your business grow.

How do we work with traffic analyses SEO Services?

We use our experience coupled with a selection of tools to do great research about our client's markets. Our traffic analysis includes:

  • Keyword research and analysis

  • Content analysis of Topics and concepts

  • Competitor research

  • Micro and top Influencers

  • Social Media Listening

  • Keyword intent research


Is impossible to go higher in rankings for high traffic keywords without inbound links, for the most important topics that most people in your market is looking for.

At least is necessary one link to your website using the proper anchor text and quality for going higher in Google. Link-building is easier when your have a great Content Marketing strategy, if not is going to be virtually impossible.

Thanks to the Traffic Analysis strategy you are going to build links for the important keywords.  

Google Crawl Analysis

Nobody can know exactly how Google is crawling your website the information in Google Search Console doesn't give deep information about, but with the last 30 days of servers logs we can see how Google spiders are indexing and updating your website content and if they properly crawl the whole structure.

Is almost impossible to have 100% of the website index, so is important don´t missing the most important pages or sections. Also avoid having duplicates and cannibalization issues. 

After having this deep understanding of what are the issues that google have with your website, is just time for applying the solutions.

With our special tools we can find any of the problems, then is simply time for fixing them and start gaining high quality traffic and sales. 

High Quality Organic Traffic

In Anadigme we always work hard in traffic analysis for giving a boost to you website in sales & conversions, not just more traffic.

Stop wasting time and money in increasing the traffic that is not going to be good for your website.